Cougar [koo-ger] - Noun. A sexually attractive, mature woman, usually over the age of 30 in pursuit of younger men for sexual encounters.

Date a Cougar

There are two ways to go about catching yourself a cougar. The first and quite honestly the easiest method is to just use our database to find a cougar bar in your area and go hunting. In today's role reversed cougar culture the woman is the aggressor and will seek you out. Just remember when the moment comes that you are nothing more than a piece of meat. She doesn't care how much money you make or how popular you are. The cougar has no probem paying the bill and gets straight to the point, be prepared to get dragged out of the bar long before closing. Be yourself, be confident and give your cougar a good hunt.

The Second way to go about this relatively easy process is to go online. Craigslist usually has a few cougars hiding the shadows of the personal section. Then there's the absolute sure thing, (but of course it costs you) adult online dating There are a few websites out there marketed as cougar dating sites and cougar dens but in reality, they all send you to the same place Check it out...